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Fixed Exterior Sunshades


Interior Light Shelves

SOLERA is designed to deliver superior daylighted spaces and a range of thermal insulation. SOLERA is engineered to be highly configurable, allowing control of:

  • light diffusion and transmittance

  • control of solar gain

  • thermal insulation

  • sound transmittance

  • aesthetics

  • safety

SOLERA is designed to fit into Standard Framing Systems including Curtain wall, Standard 90° Corner and flush glazing systems, which makes it ideal for new construction and renovations. SOLERA® is designed to be UV stable and has a warranty against color shift.


Cambridge Architectural began with an architect’s vision – an insight that perceived woven wire mesh as a unique and beautiful alternative to traditional designs. In 1958, Cambridge International produced a woven metal mesh to clad elevator interiors in the world-renowned Seagram Building in New York City. That first installation has lasted over 60 years, retaining its pristine look and condition.

In the years that followed, a partnership formed between architects and Cambridge, which realized the possibilities for architectural mesh were endless. By working with architects all over the world and being open to new and adventurous designs, the Cambridge team began developing a new vision to integrate woven metal mesh into the built environment.

Specializing in both interior and exterior applications, Cambridge Architectural is truly open to your ideas. The possibilities for design and function are boundless, limited only by the stretch of the imagination.