High Performance Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Cladding & Formparts

The well-established Rieder Group is an internationally recognized concrete producer committed to combining high eco-standards and the construction of smart concrete solutions. The vision of actively contributing to the energy revolution by means of intelligent building, represents a motivation for Rieder to continue its research and development activities in line with the guiding principles of innovation and sustainability.  

The constant ongoing development of concrete skin and oko skin and the diversity of products from the Rieder Group, in parallel with the transfer of expertise between designers and the company helps Rieder to position glassfibre-concrete (i.e., fibreC), not only as a classic façade; above all, it helps to make the design character of the material truly stand out. This commitment reflects the relationship which Rieder embarks upon, in all its projects as an internationally active enterprise: artists bring their creativity, flexibility and their sometimes abstract, analytical thinking into the company’s in-house development department.

Concrete is a natural product and Rieder sees it as such, with all its vital signs and characteristics. Only natural raw materials are used for the production of concrete skin and oko skin to ensure the authenticity of this sustainable product. Lively surfaces with an interplay of colour shades and light cloud effects, rather than dead and clinical sur-faces are characteristic of fibreC and appeal to our senses. The structure of fibreC, which is typical for concrete, gives the material an unmistakable, honest character. 

As fibreC is based on purely organic substances, as opposed to most other products available on the market, the material can be completely recycled. Moreover, economic efficiency and sustainability are further enhanced by the low use of resources. Rieder's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility towards our environment are also confirmed by its international environmental management certificate ISO 14001. 

Click here for NFPA 285 & IECC compliant wall assembly Basis of Designs (BODs) for Climate Zones 5 & 6

concrete skin

oko skin

 fibreC 3D Fins

fibreC 3D Formparts

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