High Pressure Laminate

Stonewood Architectural Panels are manufactured by Fiberesin, an expert in the art of thermal fusion, mixing smarts and experience to create engineered materials of exceptional performance, strength, and consistency.

Stonewood Panels are solid phenolic, thermally-fused materials comprised of multiple sheets of kraft fiber paper. These kraft papers can be FSC® certified and contain 16% or more post-industrial, recycled wood fiber content. To produce Stonewood Panels, Fiberesin impregnates the raw core kraft sheets with phenolic resins. The treated papers are then hot pressed, fusing the layers into a solid panel. The Stonewood panel does not emit formaldehyde, is resistant to burning, and can support significant weight without breaking. 

The number of kraft papers used determines the thickness of the panel. Fiberesin manufactures 4' x 8' architectural panels into several thicknesses to accommodate different project requirements.


ProdEx is Prodema’s exterior natural wood veneer cladding line, designed to create ventilated facades with a unique style that blends perfectly with natural and urban surroundings alike.  This high-tech product requires no need for regular maintenance that is usually required by wood exteriors. ProdEX panels have a phenolic core covered with a natural wood veneer that is treated to ensure maximum resistance towards UV rays.  All panels are available in a wide range of tones, and no two panels are the same.  There are many options available for panel thickness to meet the requirements of all project applications. 

ProdEx- cladding for ventilated façade offers protection from rain, sunlight and external temperature changes. ProdEx prevents water from penetrating walls and insulation leaving them moisture free due to the air circulation behind the panels. Can be mounted by an exposed or concealed system. 

Louvers – compliment a ventilated façade, designed to cover glass spaces and other surfaces making it possible to control sunlight and energy consumption within a building. 

Clapboard – concealed clapboard system that transforms your facade into a traditional clapboard siding or a unique contemporary design. 


Click here for NFPA 285 & IECC compliant wall assembly Basis of Designs (BODs) for Climate Zones 5 & 6