High Pressure Laminate

PARKLEX PRODEMA is the merger of two international brands, specialized in coverings for architecture. For decades, they were competitors in the architecture, interior design, and construction industry. The union between these two brands is the best formula to keep growing and innovating.

Together, they are designing new materials: more beautiful, more resistant, and more efficient, in order to provide them for the architecture of the future, whose goal is to provide for life on a planet where resources are finite.


Abet Laminati is a world leader in the production of decorative laminates, with a global network in more than 90 countries around the world.  The company has favoured synergetic partnerships with leading international designers, creating materials capable of interpreting the evolutions and revolutions that have marked contemporary style and its continuous cultural influences.  Abet Laminati has always been concerned about operating in full respect of the environmental. Even today, Abet Laminati continues to invest in a CSR policy oriented towards reducing environmental impact along the entire product life cycle.  With its aquisition of Fiberesin, Abet Laminati intends to expand its presence in the US market.

MEG panels are a durable material available in a wide range of decors, having high technical performances and it is particularly suitable for constructions.  MEG is suitable to carry out ventilated façades and is typically used in wall cladding, balconies, as well as for the production of urban furniture and for outdoor signage.


Click here for NFPA 285 & IECC compliant wall assembly Basis of Designs (BODs) for Climate Zone 5