Metal Panel Cladding with Mineral Fiber Continuous Insulation & Metal Stud Backup









 Interior Finish (vapor permeable)--
 Interior Gypsum Board (Type X) -
 Metal Stud (18 GA. Min. @16” O.C.)- -
 Stud Cavity Insulation (Optional)Dow2" Styrofoam SPF CM-2045
 Exterior Gypsum Sheathing* - -
 Self Adhered Air/Water/Vapor Barrier**Carlisle705 FR-A
 Continuous Insulation3" Dual Density Mineral Fiber
 Cladding Attachment System**Knight WallMFI System
 Fabricated MCM Cladding**PacCladPrecision Series

* For a 1 hour fire rating change Exterior Gypsum Sheathing to Fire Rated Exterior Gypsum Sheathing.

** Product recommendations are based on Type I-IV construction requiring NFPA 285 assembly acceptance criteria compliance per IBC Section 1403.5.

Assembly Performance:

(proposed clear wall U-Factors are approximately 0% | 23% better than code and have 81% | 72% thermal effectiveness)

 Clear Wall

Code Minimum
(IECC 2015 - Metal Framed)


Design R-Value: aR-13 + R-7.5ciR-12.6ci  |  R-12.8 + R-12.6ci
Total R-Value:N/AR-16.78  |  R-29.58
Effective R-Value:cN/AR-13.59  |  R-21.27
Design U-Factor: a, bU-0.064U-0.064  |  U-0.049
Effective U-Factor: cN/AU-0.074  |  U-0.047
Assembly Air Permeability0.04 cfm/ft2 @75Pa0.0014 cfm/ft2 @75Pa

Clear wall meets energy code thermal requirements without stud cavity insulation.

Clear wall U-Factor is based on the stud size & spacing noted above and is calculated per IECC 2015 & ASHRAE 90.1-2013 Appendix A.

Clear wall effective thermal performance is based on the stud size & spacing noted above, manufacturer literature and industry studies on the thermal performance of facades.


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