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Wasco Skylights, part of the VELUX Group, is one of America’s largest skylight manufacturers. Founded in 1935, Wasco offers a full line of commercial and residential daylighting solutions made in the U.S.A.

Wasco Skylights is dedicated to providing customers with energy efficient skylights in a wide variety of colors and styles. Their commercial and home daylighting solutions help save on energy costs for your home or business, while brightening the environment with plenty of natural light. In addition to providing environmental benefits, Wasco's products are designed to improve the aesthetics of any building and add a stunning design element to your home. Wasco's home skylights are available in many styles, which allow our customers to easily find the right skylight for a flat or pitched roof. Some of the features offered in various pyramid and plastic dome skylight designs include hurricane resistant glass, motorized venting systems, temperature controls and rain sensors.

Wasco Skylights offers a full line of quality acrylic, polycarbonate and glass structural skylights with a wide range of glazing, finishing and design configuration options. Wasco provides customized versatility for commercial projects, and our skylights meet stringent design criteria, including hurrican rated skylights.




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Wasco currently provides the largest selection of skylight BIM models available for Revit® for their metal framedcontinuous vault, and unit skylights.

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Revit families include data and resources like specifications, product literature, material information, and much more, all within a few clicks of the mouse, allowing a streamlined workflow.


Industry Insights

Fall Protection:

Fall protection was established by OSHA to provide a safe and healthful working environment and to limit falls from workers or tools from heights of 6’ or greater. OSHA regulations state that every skylight must be guarded by a standard skylight screen or fixed railing system that is capable of withstanding a load of at least 200 pounds.

Code Requirements: (per IECC 2015 - Climate Zones 5 & 6)

U-Factors of fenestration systems (e.g., skylights) shall be determined by an accredited, independant laboratory in accordance with either NFRC 100 or ANSI/DASMA 105 AND labeled by the manufacturer.  Products lacking a U-Factor label shall be assigned a default U-Factor per IECC 2015 Tables C303.1.3(1)-(3).

The prescriptive performance requirements (i.e., U-Factor & SHGC) for skylight systems are indicated in Table C402.4 of the IECC 2015. 

Prescriptive compliance is only allowed with a skylight area less than or equal to 3% of the gross roof area.  Prescriptive compliance is allowed up to not more than 5% of the gross roof area if certain minimum floor areas are in the daylight zone and daylight responsive controls are incorporated.

Skylight U-Factor & Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) may be be permitted to increase to 0.75 & 0.60 respectively if skylights are installed above dalight zones provided with daylight responsive controls.

Skylights may be required for enclosed large volume spaces (i.e., >2500sf & >15' ceiling height) to provide a daylight zone of not less than half of the total floor area of the space.  Note the threshold for a large volume space in the IECC 2015 has significanly decreased from the threshold of >10,000sf & >15' ceiling height from the IECC 2012 and previous versions. 

The air leakage of skylight assemblies with condensation weepage openings shall be a maximum of 0.30 CFM/FT2 per AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.S.2/A440 or NFRC 400.  All other skylights shall have a maximum air leakage of 0.20 CFM/FT2.