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With the dedication of the EFCO team and backed by the support of Pella Corporation, an industry leader in technology, innovation and customer satisfaction, you can count on EFCO to provide the best fenestration solutions and quality service for commercial construction. Today, and in the future.

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EFCO Product Recommendations

Developed to be IBC 2015 & IECC 2015 Compliant for Climate Zones 5 & 6

The following EFCO window, storefront and curtain wall recommendations have been developed to assist owners, architects and contractors in the selection and specification of EFCO commercial fenestration solutions that meet the requirements of the IBC 2015, IECC 2015 for the Northeast.  (i.e., Climate Zones 5 & 6)  Appropriate use and application of these recommendations will vary based on performance considerations and environmental conditions unique to each project and, therefore, do not represent the final opinion or recommendation of PACE Representatives or EFCO.  Contact PACE Representatives to develop a custom fenestration basis of design (BOD) package to meet your project specific performance requirements and design conditions.

SeriesDepthSightlineThermal Performance*
(center of glass U-Factor)
 Impact Ballistic  Blast  Notes
4034 1/2"2"0.420.370.34NoNoNoCenter set glazing
403X4 1/2"2"0.360.310.28NoNoNoCenter set glazing
4066 1/2"2"0.460.410.38NoNoNoCenter set glazing
406X6 1/2"2"0.380.330.30NoNoNoCenter set glazing
4334 1/2"2"0.400.350.32NoNoNoMulti-plane glazing
5265"2 1/2"0.440.390.36YesYesYesThermal impact
WV-4103 1/4" 1 1/16"0.390.320.28NoNoNoProject-out vent 
WV-4303 1/4"7/8" 0.420.380.35NoNoNoProject-out vent
DuraStile2"3 1/2", 5", 6"0.81**0.79**0.77**YesYesYesSwing door
ThermaStile2"2 3/8", 3 1/2", 5"0.61**0.58**0.56**NoNoNoSwing door
TerraStile2 1/4"2"0.490.450.43YesNoNoSliding door

## = Series and glazing combination does not comply with IECC 2015 for Climate Zone 6
## = Series and glazing combination does not comply with IECC 2015 for Climate Zones 5 or 6
* Based on NFRC 100 gateway size and configuration (78 3/4" x 78 3/4" fixed or 39 3/8" x 78 3/4" door)
** Thermal performance based on medium stile door in curtain wall.  Refer to EFCO thermal reports for narrow and wide stile doors. 

Industry Insights

Code Requirements: (per IECC 2015)

The prescriptive thermal performance requirements (i.e., U-Factor) for vertical fenestration systems are indicated in Table C402.4 of the IECC 2015.  Frame material is no longer taken into account and the requirement is based on your climate zone and fenestration type.  (e.g., Fixed, Operable or Entrance Doors)

Climate Zone  5 and Marine 4              6           
Vertical Fenestration
Fixed Fenestration0.380.36
Operable Fenestration0.450.43
Entrance Doors0.770.77

Prescriptive compliance is only allowed with a vertical fenestration area less than or equal to 30% of the gross above-grade wall area.  Prescriptive compliance is allowed up to not more than 40% of the gross above-grade wall area if certain minimum floor areas are in the daylight zone and daylight responsive controls are incorporated.

U-Factors of fenestration systems (e.g., storefront) shall be determined by an accredited, independant laboratory in accordance with either NFRC 100 or ANSI/DASMA 105 AND labeled by the manufacturer.  Products lacking a U-Factor label shall be assigned a default U-Factor per IECC 2015 Tables C303.1.3(1)-(3).

The air leakage of storefront assemblies shall be a maximum of 0.06 CFM/FT2 per NFRC 400 or ASTM E 283 at 1.57 psf (75Pa).


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